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Experience the Most Advanced Human Potential Coaching Certification on Earth

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Do you have a deep desire to be of service?

WHOLE ™ Coaching Certification is for coaches and want-to-be coaches who are dissatisfied with certifications that are surface-level and don’t deliver the skills to support lasting change.

Our certification creates world-class coaches who have mastery in the widest range of change-work tools to apply to the whole client; mental, physical, emotional, and energetic.

Our graduate coaches are confident, successful, and truly impactful.

We ignite leaders who create a powerful ripple of positive change in the world.

If you are ready to rise to your fullest potential and empower others to theirs, join us.

I’m so glad you are here

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This course is perfect for anyone looking to:

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    Become a self-employed full-time coach
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    Become a part-time coach
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    Become employed as a coach
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    Add coaching tools to their existing skillset
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    Learn advanced communication skills
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    Speak at events and present on stage
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    Become a thought leader and person of influence
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    Educate and inspire others to greatness
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    Facilitate group trainings, workshops, retreats and events
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    Create a fulfilling and freedom-based lifestyle
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    Work face-to-face and via digital platforms - work from anywhere in the world.
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    Generate multiple streams of income
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    Become a better parent, partner, manager, CEO, sibling, friend...human
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    Do the deepest level of personal development for themselves
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    Gain expansive understanding of how all humans work and how to work with all humans.
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    Become the highest and best version of themselves
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    Become an impactful leader leaving a positive ripple
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    Heal and enhance relationships with self and others
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    Gain the power to create change in all areas of life at will
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    Feel empowered to do life differently
Check out what some of our past WHOLE Coaching
Graduates have to say...
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Embody your higher self, so you can lead others to theirs

Learn the most expansive range of change-work methodologies, processes, blueprints, and tools. Apply them to yourself as you learn and move through the curriculum to shed your own limits, heal your own wounds and expand your happiness, wholeness & sovereignty.

We’ll deep dive together so you can internalise and integrate your new knowledge and experience to transform your personal life as well.

By releasing subconscious limits, rewiring habituated patterns, integrating systemic ancestral blocks, and reconnecting to your highest self, you allow your BEingness to become the bridge for others!

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This is not your regular coach's course.

It’s the most advanced human potential coaching certification on Earth.

Our unique and comprehensive program fuses together powerful growth and expansion modalities combining mindset mastery with somatic, energetic, systemic, and experiential practices to create incredibly transformational change work on a holistic level.

You’ll learn essential coaching skills that enable you to confidently apply a wide range of powerful change work methodologies, processes, and tools to build a successful coaching business and transform the lives of clients who are feeling stuck, lost, or frustrated by moving them towards their desired state.

Does this sound like what you need?

What makes WHOLE your best option? One major distinction is our focus on the Art of Change-Work.

A major distinction is our focus on the Art of Change Work.
Rather than teaching you to simply look and act like a great magician who can put on a show, we teach you real magic.
THEN we teach you the art of business. In that order.
Become a world-class transformational coach who gets REAL results.
Then build a brand around your magic.

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    Highest Level of Training

    because we are committed to our coaches being trained at the highest level across the widest scope of transformative tools, NLP is only the foundation of this course and not the entirety of this program. This means where other courses finish, we have just gotten started!

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    Unique approach to Coaching

    Our graduates learn our proven 5 Step W.H.O.L.E Client Transformation System. A powerful protocol that delivers positive change every time.

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    Being the Frequency

    Whilst our program ensures you learn how to use the tools to coach at the highest level. We prioritise your personal embodiment of the work. You can only ever guide a client to the depths and width of the work you yourself have been willing to explore.

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Our #Growthgateway Formula.

This process is proven to move you beyond just learning new things (though, of course, you will!), to you being embodied and experienced in the enlivened and empowered ways that you’re taught.

What you'll learn

The WHOLE Coaching Certification Program will give you the skills to work with clients to...

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    Shift their reality and realise their dreams

    by sustainably creating space for their transformation and guiding them into necessary awareness and action

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    Rapidly grow all facets of their lives;

    including relationships, self-identity, business, innovation, profitability, and social impact.

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    Clarify their purpose, goals and objectives

    both personally and professionally.

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    Enhance their vitality, enthusiasm and energetic focus

    Help dissolve and recode blocks limiting optimal health, wellness and positive perspectives.

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    Resolve conflicts

     that is emotional, physical, relational, vocational, or financial.

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    Create and imprint empowering relationship dynamics

    with themselves, friends, partners, families and the wider community.

Support others to navigate their blocks

You’ll also learn how to help clients resolve...

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    Ineffective stories and codes from childhood
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    Source wounds
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    Painful and restrictive repeating patterns
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    Limiting beliefs
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    Addictive behaviours
  • checked
    Low self-worth and self-esteem
  • checked
    Lack of clarity and purpose
  • checked
    Fear of success, failure and abandonment
  • checked
    Self-sabotage and stagnation
  • checked
    Low lifeforce and emotional fatigue
  • checked
    Poor boundaries and leaky energy
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    Relationship and communication patterns
Plus much more!

Learn from One of the Best!

Meet your Mentor, Marina!

A powerful teacher. 
An insightful, inspiring & impactful speaker.
An original & innovative thought leader.

For over 20 years Marina has been training, facilitating, and teaching in the field of human performance and positive psychology optimised potential and embodied change.

A sought after thought leader in many domains including coaching, health, energy, entrepreneurship, femininity, growth, change, and sovereignty... this multi-passionate serial entrepreneur can add value across the board however her deepest passion lies in the transfer of her fast knowledge of coaching expertise to tomorrows thought leaders.

As a master coach and trainer in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Marina has an extensive array of additional qualifications including timeline therapy, holographic kinetics, family systems and constellations, advanced Theta healing, breathwork facilitation, trauma-informed somatic release, sex, relationships, and intimacy as well as wellness qualifications in sports nutrition, Pilates, yoga, mediation and more.

With a growing education in quantum psychology and neuroscience, Marina's dedication to empowering humans to access their true power and create lasting transformation in any realms they choose is second to none.

Wise beyond her years, her playful manner makes change-work fun and exciting. Her ability to simplify the complex makes learning fast and easy.


Unique. Individual. Bespoke.

Just like the clients you will come to service and support there is no one-fits-all solution and path for all of us. Though certainly we share similarities.

Knowing this, we know that to elevate the coaching industry and call it to a higher standard of professionalism, we need to meet each coach where they are at, and support them to their next level of expansion, embodiment and skill. 

Successful advanced coach?

Newbie without qualifications? Or…

Qualified but not yet confident?

We got you. 

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Activating your ascension to YOUR next level regardless of where you are right now is our mission.

As such we have made our coaching journey modular.

This empowers you to access the next right step for you. 

This means the seasoned, competent accountability or mindset-focused coaches can deep-dive straight into the advanced healing practices offered in Aspect 2.  They can enjoy learning to work with the body, energetics, and the field to expand and evolve their clients' experiences in the now. 

Meanwhile, natural leaders or PD junkies (without the qualified skills) can start in Aspect 1-  our foundations, and learn to support clients to free themselves of limitations created by the minefield of the mind.

What aspects do you need? It depends on where you are now, what you want and how far you want to go...

Read on below for a guide on how to mix and match the aspects of the WHOLE certification.

However, remember you can also schedule a time to chat with a faculty team member! It's completely no-obligation whilst being a powerful way to gain clarity quickly regarding the best fit and ideal next step for you.

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    Scenario 1: The Whole Shebang. Aspects 1-3. The Comprehensive Certification

    If you are just starting out (or have done training but currently lack the clarity and confidence to sit with real clients and create powerful impactful results) and you already know you want to become a successful (both in impact and income) coach, the pathway offered through all 3 aspects of our WHOLE certification is a must. Plus it is the best value combination by far!

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    Scenario 2: Only (or initially) Aspect 1

    Alternatively, you may choose to start with only Aspect 1 (MIND/Time/Coaching) initially if you: 

    • Think you want to coach but aren't fully sure
    • Want to slide into a side hustle of coaching slowly 
    • Love personal development and want to deep dive into the most transformative mindset tools available
    • Want to learn NLP, timeline therapy, and world-class foundational coaching skills
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    Scenario 3: Only Aspect 2

    Conversely, you might slide straight into Aspect 2 (Body & Energy: Somatics/Systemic/Field) because you:

    • Are already a successful and flourishing coach looking to standout out from the crowd with wider, deeper, and more profound tools for transformation
    • Looking to expand your personal and/or professional awareness, skillset, and embodiment
    • You have already studied NLP yet are called to add energetics and somatics as they feel more your style and light you up
    • Want to learn Family Systems, Family Constellations, Somatic Healing, Breathwork, Holographic Field Work, and more.
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    Scenario 4: Only Aspect 3

    This option is ideal for any trained coaches that feel masterful in change-work and their abilities as a coach to support their clients through real transformation. However, they are yet to fully activate their business, brand, identity, and profitability as a coach. This aspect is essential for those looking to succeed financially as a coach through fulfilling & flexible (freedom-based) work. It's business boot camp for coaches ready to use their change-work tool to create leveraged positive impact and income. 

What’s Covered in the Course?

This course is the most comprehensive fusion of growth and expansion modalities. Mixing mindset mastery with somatic, energetic, systemic, and experiential practices, it allows for truly transformational change work on a holistic level.


Level 1 Coaching - NLP, Timeline Therapy, Coaching Fundamentals & Essentials

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Module 1 NLP & Beliefs
Navigating the Gap

Begin with the fundamentals by learning about foundational coaching tools. Explore how the human brain works and individual realities are created. We dive deep into the core concepts of growth and creating real change - plus much more.

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Module 2 Time Line

Explore why clients may be resistant and how that can show up (e.g. self-sabotage or limiting beliefs and patterns). Discover Time Line work and NLP tools that help to recode and reframe the beliefs, patterns and behaviors creating resistance to their desired state.

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Module 3 Coaching Foundations
Core Coaching Tools

This is the module where you learn the tools to help your clients step into alignment with their higher self and dream life. It covers more NLP tools, parts integration, anchoring new resources and experiences, and more!


Advanced Coaching - Somatics, Breathwork, Family Systems & Constellations, Energetics & the Field

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Module 4 Family Systems

Learn how to uncover and unfold family entanglements and devotional contracts of suffering and obligation. Discover how to heal ancestral wounds and free your clients to experience new ways without baggage from the past.

Module 5 Somatics - Mind-Body
Mapping & Breathwork

Master the art of using the body and its sensations and inner wisdom to liberate clients from blocks, ineffective patterns, and outdated reflexes that no longer serve them. In addition to mapping unconscious blocks through the body, you will learn how to prescribe breath work and other body-related tools and practices for release and healing.

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Module 6 Energetics
& Field

Uncover the unseen broader layers of living that are holographically creating our reality at all times. Learn how to access and attune to new frequencies including the energetics of the body and surrounding field. You will be given specific tools and practices to use to create change that ripples beyond time and space.


Monetising Your Magic, Building Your Empire & igniting Your Impact

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Module 1-3
- Systems, Structure & Intention
- Mission, Vision & Position
- Niches, Ideal Clients & Unique Selling Propositions
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Module 4-6
- Products, Packaging & Ascension
- Creating Content
- Social Media 101
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Module 7-9
- Profitability & Marketing
- Sales & selling
- Launches and Lifecycles

Is WHOLE Coaching for You?

  • Do you have a deep desire to be of service?
  • To REALLY help people?
  • Are you fascinated with how people work and the patterns they run?
  • Does it break your heart to think about people limiting themselves, staying in fear, and feeling trapped, alone, and unloved?
  • Would you love to be able to support people to create REAL, LASTING, POSITIVE change?
  • Would you like to lose your own limits?
  • To release your own hand break and effortlessly soar to the heights you know in your soul your destiny is calling for you to live life at?
  • Would you love to be a positive ripple of light and IMPACT the world with truth, wisdom, and love?
  • Are you ready to meet your higher self and develop skills to help others meet theirs?
  • Are you ready to step forward, to stand strong, to seize your life, and embrace your fullest potential!?


“I had been looking for a coaching course for a few months and when I came across Marina’s I knew it was the right fit for me.
And it did not disappoint! I learned so much in this course that I know I wouldn’t have got anywhere else. I feel confident facilitating the change work patterns and tools that we learned, and becoming a full-time coach has literally changed my life. Plus the added benefit of the bounds and leaps in my own personal growth has been invaluable. If even a part of you feels called to do it, remove all excuses and just say yes!

Caitlin Maree Eichperger
Empowered Life Coach

"Before I started the coaching certification I was excited and nervous. For me, the course was always to create a new career path, I had been feeling lackluster in my existing career. I knew I wanted to do this for my main source of income, and let go of my old career path. I’m still completing modules 6 & 7 but even with modules 1-5 of the certification I am feeling more and more excited and confident to do the work as a coach and I have already niched into my specialty area. I had 2 paying clients to work with, a few weeks after completing module 5 of the course and I am now rapidly growing my clientele."
Sarah McLachlan
Connection Coach

"I initially did the training just for myself. I wanted to deepen my connection with myself and really explore how I could get everything that I wanted out of life. Apart from the deeper connection, I got to myself, and the next level of self-love, self-respect, and self-care, I learned all these incredible and invaluable tools, techniques, and systems of guidance and leadership so that I can help others through a similar process of discovering themselves. I would 1000% recommend this course to anyone who's thinking about it!"
Lauren Violet
Sex & Relating Coach

"I didn't do this course to become a life coach. I did this course for my own personal growth and it completely exceeded all of my expectations! I've been a spiritual seeker my whole life and have done a lot of growth work, and in my opinion, this is hands down the best coaching course available in Australia. It was full of extraordinary exercises, incredible content and it was super fun! It was a really great vibe and a space you wanted to be in - you didn't want to miss a moment of the day!"
Andreas Papageorge

You can Choose your Higher Self
over your Highest Fears

The learnings of theory and tactical tools, whilst powerful beyond measure, will pale in comparison to the depth of wisdom gained through your own reshaping, reclamation, and newfound resonance.

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted

The weak spirited or the surface dwellers


This journey is a deep dive -to your truth, our
collective truth.

It requires the shedding of your ego, death of your patterns for safety and survival, death of your you can learn to fly free of the constraints of your conditioning and claim your sovereignty.

These sheddings will pave the way for the birth of your wholeness...the unshackling and releasing of your abundant magnificent light.

This journey will unravel you, de-armor you, and leave you bare..... but far from broken.

Rather: Bare, beautiful, and bold.

Raw, real, and radiant.



Unstoppable and


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In this rebirth of self, you will learn alchemy, the processes, tools, and strategies to guide others to their awakening.


To their truth. To their wholeness.


Are you ready?


Don’t doubt yourself now.


There’s a reason you found this page and
read this far...


Your past is not your potential.


You have been gifted the Grace of choice...
choosing your higher self over your highest fears is how we create new ways and worlds.


If your soul is saying YES, or you’re curious to learn more...

Investment starts at $3,999* PLUS payment plans available

Aspects 1-2 each Include:

6 Days of Face-to-Face Training

Weekly Coaching Embodiment Sessions

Bi-weekly Coaching Masterclass Sessions

Bi-weekly 5 x Coaching Mentorship Sessions

Access to live-stream or replay of all live training & calls

Comprehensive training manual

In-depth online portal with supplementary video training, coaching resources,
session templates, embodiment practices, and more

1-year access to all resources

Potential Career Gateway to join the TSOG coaching team

The Unique Cornerstones that our Training Provides You:

  • Top-down AND bottom-up coaching methodologies
  • NLP and subconscious reprogramming
  • Timeline Therapy and Inner Child work
  • Family systems, entanglements, and constellations
  • Somatic (and trauma-informed) release techniques and tools
  • Holographics and energetic imprinting

Earlybird Discounts Apply & Payment Plans Available

Bundled discounts for packaging multiple aspects together

Download the curriculum for all pricing and payment plans. Schedule a FREE chat to answer any and all of your questions and ensure this is the aligned path for you.

Free Scale to Success series including:

Master Self-Promotion & Own Your Worth live training

Scaling Strategies & Professional Planning Processes live training

Rapid Growth through Collaboration & JV’s live training

Priority access to opportunities within The School of Growth

Lifetime access to WHOLE Coaching Grad online community

Ongoing monthly Coaches Council calls for
support, coaching, and accountability

Whether you want to be a transformational leader or create transformational shifts for yourself and your own life, this program is a game-changer.


Please remember it's natural to feel nervous as you expand into your wholeness, but all you really need is a deep desire. If you bring that, we'll bring the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions